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Finite element discretization library
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mfem::HypreAME Class Reference

#include <hypre.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 HypreAME (MPI_Comm comm)
 ~HypreAME ()
void SetTol (double tol)
void SetRelTol (double rel_tol)
void SetMaxIter (int max_iter)
void SetPrintLevel (int logging)
void SetNumModes (int num_eigs)
void SetPreconditioner (HypreSolver &precond)
void SetOperator (HypreParMatrix &A)
void SetMassMatrix (HypreParMatrix &M)
void Solve ()
 Solve the eigenproblem. More...
void GetEigenvalues (Array< double > &eigenvalues)
 Collect the converged eigenvalues. More...
HypreParVectorGetEigenvector (unsigned int i)
 Extract a single eigenvector. More...
HypreParVector ** StealEigenvectors ()
 Transfer ownership of the converged eigenvectors. More...

Detailed Description

AME eigenvalue solver in hypre

The Auxiliary space Maxwell Eigensolver (AME) is designed to find the lowest eigenmodes of the generalized eigenvalue problem: Curl Curl x = lambda M x where the Curl Curl operator is discretized using Nedelec finite element basis functions. Properties of this discretization are essential to eliminating the large null space of the Curl Curl operator.

This eigensolver relies upon the LOBPCG eigensolver internally. It is also expected that the preconditioner supplied to this method will be the HypreAMS preconditioner defined above.

As with LOBPCG, the operator set in the preconditioner need not be the same as A. This flexibility may be useful in solving eigenproblems which bare a strong resemblance to the Curl Curl problems for which AME is designed.

Unlike LOBPCG, this eigensolver requires that the mass matrix be set. It is possible to circumvent this by passing an identity operator as the mass matrix but it seems unlikely that this would be useful so it is not the default behavior.

Definition at line 1254 of file hypre.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mfem::HypreAME::HypreAME ( MPI_Comm  comm)

Definition at line 3915 of file hypre.cpp.

mfem::HypreAME::~HypreAME ( )

Definition at line 3932 of file hypre.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void mfem::HypreAME::GetEigenvalues ( Array< double > &  eigenvalues)

Collect the converged eigenvalues.

Definition at line 4030 of file hypre.cpp.

HypreParVector & mfem::HypreAME::GetEigenvector ( unsigned int  i)

Extract a single eigenvector.

Definition at line 4066 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetMassMatrix ( HypreParMatrix M)

Definition at line 4017 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetMaxIter ( int  max_iter)

Definition at line 3981 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetNumModes ( int  num_eigs)

Definition at line 3957 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetOperator ( HypreParMatrix A)

Definition at line 4002 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetPreconditioner ( HypreSolver precond)

Definition at line 3996 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetPrintLevel ( int  logging)

Definition at line 3987 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetRelTol ( double  rel_tol)

Definition at line 3971 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::SetTol ( double  tol)

Definition at line 3965 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HypreAME::Solve ( )

Solve the eigenproblem.

Definition at line 4024 of file hypre.cpp.

HypreParVector ** mfem::HypreAME::StealEigenvectors ( )

Transfer ownership of the converged eigenvectors.

Definition at line 4077 of file hypre.cpp.

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