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Finite element discretization library
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mfem::H1_Trace_FECollection Class Reference

#include <fe_coll.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 H1_Trace_FECollection (const int p, const int dim, const int btype=BasisType::GaussLobatto)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::H1_FECollection
 H1_FECollection (const int p, const int dim=3, const int btype=BasisType::GaussLobatto)
virtual const FiniteElementFiniteElementForGeometry (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
virtual int DofForGeometry (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
virtual const int * DofOrderForOrientation (Geometry::Type GeomType, int Or) const
 Returns an array, say p, that maps a local permuted index i to a local base index: base_i = p[i]. More...
virtual const char * Name () const
FiniteElementCollectionGetTraceCollection () const
int GetBasisType () const
const int * GetDofMap (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
 Get the Cartesian to local H1 dof map. More...
virtual ~H1_FECollection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
int HasFaceDofs (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
virtual const FiniteElementTraceFiniteElementForGeometry (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
virtual ~FiniteElementCollection ()
void SubDofOrder (Geometry::Type Geom, int SDim, int Info, Array< int > &dofs) const
 Get the local dofs for a given sub-manifold. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
static FiniteElementCollectionNew (const char *name)
 Factory method: return a newly allocated FiniteElementCollection according to the given name. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
template<Geometry::Type geom>
static void GetNVE (int &nv, int &ne)
template<Geometry::Type geom, typename v_t >
static void GetEdge (int &nv, v_t &v, int &ne, int &e, int &eo, const int edge_info)
template<Geometry::Type geom, Geometry::Type f_geom, typename v_t , typename e_t , typename eo_t >
static void GetFace (int &nv, v_t &v, int &ne, e_t &e, eo_t &eo, int &nf, int &f, Geometry::Type &fg, int &fo, const int face_info)
- Protected Attributes inherited from mfem::H1_FECollection
int b_type
char h1_name [32]
FiniteElementH1_Elements [Geometry::NumGeom]
int H1_dof [Geometry::NumGeom]
int * SegDofOrd [2]
int * TriDofOrd [6]
int * QuadDofOrd [8]

Detailed Description

Arbitrary order "H^{1/2}-conforming" trace finite elements defined on the interface between mesh elements (faces,edges,vertices); these are the trace FEs of the H1-conforming FEs.

Definition at line 135 of file fe_coll.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mfem::H1_Trace_FECollection::H1_Trace_FECollection ( const int  p,
const int  dim,
const int  btype = BasisType::GaussLobatto 

Definition at line 1789 of file fe_coll.cpp.

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