MFEM  v4.3.0
Finite element discretization library
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vtk.cpp File Reference

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int mfem::BarycentricToVTKTriangle (int *b, int ref)
int mfem::BarycentricToVTKTetra (int *b, int ref)
int mfem::VTKTriangleDOFOffset (int ref, int i, int j)
int mfem::CartesianToVTKPrism (int i, int j, int k, int ref)
int mfem::CartesianToVTKTensor (int idx_in, int ref, Geometry::Type geom)
void mfem::CreateVTKElementConnectivity (Array< int > &con, Geometry::Type geom, int ref)
void mfem::WriteVTKEncodedCompressed (std::ostream &out, const void *bytes, uint32_t nbytes, int compression_level)
bool mfem::IsBigEndian ()
const char * mfem::VTKByteOrder ()