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mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator Class Reference

#include <lininteg.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator (VectorCoefficient &uD_, Coefficient &lambda_, Coefficient &mu_, double alpha_, double kappa_)
virtual void AssembleRHSElementVect (const FiniteElement &el, ElementTransformation &Tr, Vector &elvect)
virtual void AssembleRHSElementVect (const FiniteElement &el, FaceElementTransformations &Tr, Vector &elvect)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::LinearFormIntegrator
virtual void AssembleRHSElementVect (const FiniteElement &el1, const FiniteElement &el2, FaceElementTransformations &Tr, Vector &elvect)
virtual void SetIntRule (const IntegrationRule *ir)
const IntegrationRuleGetIntRule ()
virtual ~LinearFormIntegrator ()

Protected Attributes

double alpha
double kappa
Vector shape
DenseMatrix dshape
DenseMatrix adjJ
DenseMatrix dshape_ps
Vector nor
Vector dshape_dn
Vector dshape_du
Vector u_dir
- Protected Attributes inherited from mfem::LinearFormIntegrator
const IntegrationRuleIntRule

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from mfem::LinearFormIntegrator
 LinearFormIntegrator (const IntegrationRule *ir=NULL)

Detailed Description

Boundary linear form integrator for imposing non-zero Dirichlet boundary conditions, in a DG elasticity formulation. Specifically, the linear form is given by

alpha < u_D, (lambda div(v) I + mu (grad(v) + grad(v)^T)) . n > +

where u_D is the given Dirichlet data. The parameters alpha, kappa, lambda and mu, should match the parameters with the same names used in the bilinear form integrator, DGElasticityIntegrator.

Definition at line 486 of file lininteg.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator ( VectorCoefficient uD_,
Coefficient lambda_,
Coefficient mu_,
double  alpha_,
double  kappa_ 

Definition at line 505 of file lininteg.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::AssembleRHSElementVect ( const FiniteElement el,
ElementTransformation Tr,
Vector elvect 

Given a particular Finite Element and a transformation (Tr) computes the element vector, elvect.

Implements mfem::LinearFormIntegrator.

Definition at line 783 of file lininteg.cpp.

void mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::AssembleRHSElementVect ( const FiniteElement el,
FaceElementTransformations Tr,
Vector elvect 

Reimplemented from mfem::LinearFormIntegrator.

Definition at line 789 of file lininteg.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

DenseMatrix mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::adjJ

Definition at line 496 of file lininteg.hpp.

double mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::alpha

Definition at line 491 of file lininteg.hpp.

DenseMatrix mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::dshape

Definition at line 495 of file lininteg.hpp.

Vector mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::dshape_dn

Definition at line 499 of file lininteg.hpp.

Vector mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::dshape_du

Definition at line 500 of file lininteg.hpp.

DenseMatrix mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::dshape_ps

Definition at line 497 of file lininteg.hpp.

double mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::kappa

Definition at line 491 of file lininteg.hpp.

Coefficient* mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::lambda

Definition at line 490 of file lininteg.hpp.

Coefficient * mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::mu

Definition at line 490 of file lininteg.hpp.

Vector mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::nor

Definition at line 498 of file lininteg.hpp.

Vector mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::shape

Definition at line 494 of file lininteg.hpp.

Vector mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::u_dir

Definition at line 501 of file lininteg.hpp.

VectorCoefficient& mfem::DGElasticityDirichletLFIntegrator::uD

Definition at line 489 of file lininteg.hpp.

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